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Safety, Security and speed of use are just some of the advantages of using TITETUG tools... See More Benefits.

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The TITETUG can be used to tighten ratchet straps that hold down all types of loads that are sitting on truck trailers tractor trailers to car and 4x4 trailers to any load that needs that extra bite of tension in order for that load to be fully safe and secure on whatever platform body or angle your load is sitting on. The TITETUG is the way of the future as a safe way for you to tension your ratchet and have a safe load.

The TITETUG was invented designed and assembled in Ireland by Tim Joyce a number of years ago when he was faced with the idea and challenge to have the load he was delivering more secure stable and safe on the road. The TITETUG was the result, and now the product is available for purchase to give people the benefits of this exciting new product.

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